IBA 1.16 Quiz

IBA 1.16 Quiz

A database can best be described as: What is the term for a database that contains multiple tables related through common fields? Relational database A one-to-many database table relationship can best be described as a table relationship in which: Database management systems DBMSs A many-to-many database table relationship can best be described as a table relationship in which: In which database table relationship type is a junction table a necessary component? A many-to-many relationship A database field can best be described as: In a relational database, what distinguishes a primary key from other database components? The primary key uniquely identifies each record in a database table. Which term is used to describe the component that relates multiple tables of information in a relational database?

Find Matching Records in Dataset

Buy in print and eBook. Records One of OCaml’s best features is its concise and expressive system for declaring new data types, and records are a key element of that system. A record represents a collection of values stored together as one, where each component is identified by a different field name. The basic syntax for a record type declaration is as follows: It also uses the Time. The hook that the compiler uses in this case to figure out the type is the record field name.

Access Query and Filter Criteria. When constructing a query or a filter, you need to tell Access what to look for in each field. You do this by defining criteria – typing something (an “expression”) into the Criteria cell of the query or filter grid.

Male The most simple deterministic record linkage strategy would be to pick a single identifier that is assumed to be uniquely identifying, say SSN, and declare that records sharing the same value identify the same person while records not sharing the same value identify different people. While A1, A2, and B2 appear to represent the same entity, B2 would not be included into the match because it is missing a value for SSN.

Handling exceptions such as missing identifiers involves the creation of additional record linkage rules. One such rule in the case of missing SSN might be to compare name, date of birth, sex, and ZIP code with other records in hopes of finding a match. Running names through a phonetic algorithm such as Soundex , NYSIIS , or metaphone , can help to resolve these types of problems though it may still stumble over surname changes as the result of marriage or divorce , but then B2 would be matched only with A1 since the ZIP code in A2 is different.

Thus, another rule would need to be created to determine whether differences in particular identifiers are acceptable such as ZIP code and which are not such as date of birth. As this example demonstrates, even a small decrease in data quality or small increase in the complexity of the data can result in a very large increase in the number of rules necessary to link records properly.

Eventually, these linkage rules will become too numerous and interrelated to build without the aid of specialized software tools. In addition, linkage rules are often specific to the nature of the data sets they are designed to link together. One study was able to link the Social Security Death Master File with two hospital registries from the Midwestern United States using SSN, NYSIIS-encoded first name, birth month, and sex, but these rules may not work as well with data sets from other geographic regions or with data collected on younger populations.


CNN — For such a small country — it ranks th in the world for total area , right behind Iceland — South Korea sure is in the news a lot. Occasionally that news is grim — something to do with a troublesome cousin across the border. Sometimes it’s pure mainstream pop — a bunch of cute singers taking down Lady Gaga on the world stage. Sometimes it’s just plain astonishing — no one throws out the first pitch at a baseball game with as much panache as South Koreans.

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Tweet As we noted in the previous post, plain tuples are useful in many cases. But they have some disadvantages too. And when tuples have more than a few elements, it is easy to get confused about which element is in which place. In these situations, what you would like to do is label each slot in the tuple, which will both document what each element is for and force a distinction between tuples made from the same types. A record type is exactly that, a tuple where each element is labeled.

Inside the curly braces is a list of label: Relational database theory uses a similar “record type” concept. In the relational model, a relation is a possibly empty finite set of tuples all having the same finite set of attributes. This set of attributes is familiarly referred to as the set of column names. Making and matching records To create a record value, use a similar format to the type definition, but using equals signs after the labels.

Unlike C-style languages, curly braces are rarely used in F — only for records, sequences, computation expressions of which sequences are a special case , and object expressions creating implementations of interfaces on the fly.

Jobless rate for Hispanic Americans matches record low

Applies to Dynamics for Customer Engagement apps version 9. Dynamics includes default duplicate detection rules for accounts, contacts, and leads, but not for other types of records. Check your security role Follow the steps in View your user profile. Contact your system administrator. Choose Duplicate Detection Rules.

critical component of record matching involves determining whether two strings are similar or not: Two records are considered matches if their corresponding (string) attributes are similar.

For more information about Data. Also, check out the video: Cross-object matching is supported by duplicate rules. When your duplicate rules are set up to match across objects, you can decide how the matching rule fields map to each other. For example, you might map the Account Name field for a contact to the Company name for a lead. When your matching rule includes custom fields, you can decide how the fields map to each other.

For example, you might map a custom field called Work Email to the standard Email field. You can use fields with picklist values in your custom matching rules.

Recent trends:

Dec 22, A very elementary question – but I’d be grateful for an answer. I have two tables or perhaps two queries each with a key field. If all is well, there should be complete correspondence between the two sets of records. That is, if there’s a record with key in one table, there should also be a record with key in the other table.

I’m looking for the simplest way of checking whether or not this is the case, and, if it’s not, detecting which records in one table are unmatched by any record in the other. Will Return All Matching Records Aug 6, I have a database called LettersDatabase this databse holds all the letters that have been made including the path to the doc.

Record matching is the process used to identify these associations, and it is described below. The MIMIC II Waveform Database Matched Subset contains all MIMIC II Waveform Database records that have been associated with MIMIC II Clinical Database records.

Description of the Customer Match Screen Overview At the time orders or customer records are imported into the Order Manager, the system attempts to associate an existing customer record with the incoming order or customer record. This association is for purchasing history only, and DOES NOT change any of the billing or shipping, name or address information on the incoming record as it is imported.

This basic functionality is controlled by the setting of the Customer Search parameters. Unfortunately, mismatching can sometimes occur, particularly if a shopping cart an e-commerce software system that allows a merchant to sell products on the Web. In the context of the Order Manager, it refers to the settings that describe a merchants web store to the program, allowing it communicate with the online shopping cart and import orders, and other information etc.

For example, if the email or phone field is left blank in an order, some carts may read that as “0” and the Order Manager will interpret all orders with “0” in the email or phone field as belonging to the same customer, when in actuality they do not. The orders will be matched erroneously to the initial customer record that contains “0” in the email or phone fields. To avoid the potential mismatching of new orders to existing customer records and to allow for the updating of existing customer records with newer information, the program offers the Customer Match feature, which allows the user to specify additional criteria that will be used to determine a customer match.

Chapter 5. Records

Neumann lathe with SX cutting head Neumann lathe The prototype of the LP was the soundtrack disc used by the Vitaphone motion picture sound system , developed by Western Electric and introduced in Unlike their smaller LP descendants, they were made with the same large “standard groove” used by 78s. Unlike conventional records, the groove started at the inside of the recorded area near the label and proceeded outward toward the edge. Like 78s, early soundtrack discs were pressed in an abrasive shellac compound and played with a single-use steel needle held in a massive electromagnetic pickup with a tracking force of five ounces 1.

Search for a record. When you enter text in the Search box, the first matching value is highlighted in real time as you enter each character. You can use this feature to quickly search for a record with a matching value. You can also search for a specific record in a table or form by using the Find option.

Police responded to Ann Arbour Road, in the area of Albion and Weston roads, around midnight after several callers reported hearing multiple gunshots. Man shot in Torontos 89th homicide of , matching record for most killings in a year The Police did not have information about possible suspects and could not say whether the man was shot while inside the vehicle or if he got into it after. Police are awaiting information from the homicide unit before identifying the victim, Arrogante said.

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While Toronto remains a relatively safe city in terms of rates of violent crime, has been marred by a number of high-profile shootings. Police statistics show an increase in shooting deaths in , with 46 recorded so far this year compared to 35 in and 34 the year before. Gun violence and its root causes have become hot-button political issues as a result. Mayor John Tory has endorsed a complete ban on handguns within city limits, while both the province and Ottawa have contributed new funding for youth programming aimed at providing opportunities to especially vulnerable young people.

It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. Paramedics said the victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was rushed to a trauma centre in critical condition. He died a short time later.


A string metric is an way of taking two strings and returning a number that is low if the strings are similar and high if they are dissimilar. One famous string metric is called the Hamming distance. It counts the number of substitutions that must be made to turn one string into another. For example, roberts and Roberts would have Hamming distance of 1 because we have to substitute r for R in order to turn roberts into Roberts.

ChoiceMaker’s record matching models are built around a set of “clues” (commonly known in the AI literature as “features”), which indicate whether a pair of records “match” or “differ”.

See ” Reluctant Versus Greedy Quantifier ” for the difference between reluctant and non-reluctant quantifiers. The following are examples of using quantifier operators: The alternation list is created by placing a vertical bar between each regular expression. Alternatives are preferred in the order they are specified. If A is not matched, it attempts to match B. If B is not matched, it attempts to match C. Grouping Grouping treats a portion of the regular expression as a single unit, enabling you to apply regular expression operators such as quantifiers to that group.

Grouping is created with parentheses. Anchors Anchors work in terms of positions rather than rows. They match a position either at the start or end of a partition.

Matching Record Indicator (*INMR)

The District has now tied the record for the most degree or higher days on record in a year at Eighty degrees or above on Oct. It is, however, a good 10 or more degrees above the average of 70 degrees for the date.

Note: OCR errors may be found in this Reference List extracted from the full text article. ACM has opted to expose the complete List rather than only correct and linked references. Alvey, W. and Jamerson, B. Record linkage techniques. In Proceedings of an International Workshop and Exposition.

Top of Page Go to a specific record When you know which record you want to find, use the Go to box to choose a particular record from a drop-down list. The Go to box is usually used in forms. To navigate to a record, click the arrow to the right of the Go to box, and then select a record from the drop-down list. If you know the first few characters of the record to which you want to navigate, you can type those characters in the Go to box.

The Go to box displays only enough data to uniquely identify each record. When you select a record from the list, Access displays the rest of that record’s data in the main area of the form. Top of Page Search for a record When you enter text in the Search box, the first matching value is highlighted in real time as you enter each character. You can use this feature to quickly search for a record with a matching value. You can also search for a specific record in a table or form by using the Find option.

This is an effective choice for locating a specific record when the record that you want to locate satisfies specific criteria, such as search terms, and comparison operators, such as “equals” or “contains”. You can only use the Find and Replace dialog box if the table or form currently displays data. This is true even if there are no visible records because a filter has been applied.

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