Jeremy McConnell CONFESSES to post-Celebrity Big Brother hook-up!

Jeremy McConnell CONFESSES to post-Celebrity Big Brother hook-up!

Saturday, February 10, BBCeleb: Brandi Glanville Tries to Hook Up with a Squash Let us start by saying that yes, that is the most odd title we have written or will likely ever write on this site. After seeing the cast revealed for the first ever U. Thankfully, alcohol is flowing freely in the house which has already made for a much more fun experience than we expected. Topping the list of the tipsy celebs is “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville, who obviously becomes the life of the party after a few drinks. This incident actually took place on the first night of live feeds, so it was clear from the start that Brandi didn’t care or is usually too drunk to care what she does on camera. After the other houseguests got her back in her bedroom after she put away a few drinks, somehow a squash was pointed out, and Brandi proceeded to show how you can have sex with one.

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A segment of the episode focused on contestant Aaryn Gries, showing a montage of her derogatory comments made about African American, Asian American and gay members of the house. Fellow contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman was also shown making similar comments while talking with Gries. A third contestant, Spencer Clawson, was also heard making racist comments on the show’s live feed. Hollywood Backlot moments In the clips, Gries is shown mocking Asian accents, saying a fellow contestant should “shut up and go make some rice” and claiming that, in the matter of who will get house MVP, “no one will vote for whoever that queer puts up,” referring to openly gay housemate Andy.

The offensive comments first came to light last week when fans who monitored the show’s round-the-clock live feed began discussing them online. Gries and Zimmerman have both lost their jobs, at a modeling agency and a beauty pageant, respectively. Clawson’s employer, Union Pacific, has released a statement condemning the contestant’s comments.

He is currently employed, however. CBS also released a statement last week distancing itself from the comments of the “Big Brother” contestants. At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a Houseguest appearing on ‘Big Brother,’ either on any live feed from the House or during the broadcast, are those of the individual s speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.

Summer TV preview The network had previously recieved criticism from a former contestant who urged CBS to not cover up the comments and deal with the issue head-on.

Big brother 8..I missed sundays episode can anyone hook me up with details?

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Watch video · On Thursday, when the Big Brother season 19 live feeds went live, one thing was noticeably missing: one of the houseguests. Megan Lowder, a year-old dog walker who also once worked in a prison.

All about Reality TV Shows! The only issue is that this drama went down such a long time ago, most of these mistakes have been forgiven and the cast members have already moved on while the viewers are still processing everything that went down. Nowadays, these two are constantly tagging each other in social media posts with giant smiles plastered across their faces.

Clearly a lot has gone down in the past few months and the viewers are not all-knowing, but before the rest of the season airs, Brittany is already on the defensive when it comes to her relationship with Jax. It was very sudden and he was very close to his dad. His dad was an amazing guy.

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Watch video · Celebrity Big Brother Rumoured line-up Fri, December 30, Celebrity Big Brother Here is the rumoured line-up for the ‘All Stars’ series featuring a .

What is different about Big Brother Mzansi? Big Brother Mzansi will take place nearly 13 years after the first-ever Big Brother on African soil grabbed the attention of South Africans in Big Brother Mzansi comes at a time when social media has made it easier for the world to share information creating virtual gatherings where people can communicate without sitting next to each other. Opinions around this show are going to set the world of social media alive. The hour camera surveillance of a group of strangers living in a house, starring in a real-life soap opera will prove to be enduringly popular with viewers.

Can anyone apply to be a contestant on the show? Anyone 21 years of age and older, who is a South African citizen or legal resident and is in possession of a valid ID, visa or work permit is able to enter. Housemates are also expected be tolerant of views and lifestyle choices other than their own and must have the social flexibility to live in close proximity with others.

Do I have to be a South African to enter the show? All South African citizens or legal residents who are in possession of a valid ID, visa or work permit and are over the age of 21, will be allowed to apply for entry into Big Brother Mzansi. How many contestants will be participating in this edition of Big Brother Mzansi? The number of housemates will be revealed during the LIVE launch show 5.

Big Brother Canada Finale Ends On A Scandalous Note After A CRAZY Voting Mishap! Watch HERE!

I never said anything like that to my first-born, my daughter. My pain-numbed mind made a note to think on it later. He is my buddy, my pal, my teddy bear. This mother-son thing is pretty sweet. But there is a significant difference in raising a daughter and a son.

Claim: A video documents that the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were a staged

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‘Big Brother’ airs racist, anti-gay comments by contestants

It’s often very wealthy and powerful, when it’s not royalty , and has many traditions. They have secrets, skeletons in their cupboards sometimes literally and are overly proud of their long and bloody history. Abusive behaviors of some kind are almost certain to have occurred. While they may display affectionate behaviors as well, to them Cain and Abel is a way of life — though if you piss off one of them, the rest will instantly band together to destroy you.

There may be a Lady Drunk.

Celebrity Big Brother Lauren Harries Met the transsexual former child prodigy and Big Brother pundit – and see video of her on Wogan, aged 14 Share on Facebook.

Her romance with Gaz kept viewers hooked until things turned nasty in April this year when a spot of the green-eyed-monster saw her getting a little violent and breaking a bed with her bare hands. Scenes were so shocking TV bosses refused to air them and she was swiftly sacked. They wed in a Las Vegas ceremony in after meeting online. Louie is most famous for being the artistic director of Pineapple Dance Studios and shot to fame when the dance school released its own TV show.

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But Ian went on to warn them about Boogie and Frank and they cannot be trusted anymore. Unlike previous seasons with returning players, the four veterans are acting as coaches at first. On Day 64, Shane won the Power of Veto and a prize. Shane became the sixth member of the jury. Thus, the two then went to Jenn in hopes of her using the veto to remove Dan from the block. Because Big Brother sent the HouseGuests “invitations” to enter the House instead of a key, the HouseGuests had to earn their status in the first Head of Household competition as there were only eleven keys to be earned.

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Prior to entering the house, Aaryn had modeled for Maxim as a promotional model. She chose to target Elissa for eviction, blaming her for David’s exit. However, Elissa was granted that M. She kept her end of the bargain with Elissa and Helen, allowing them to control the nominations and orchestrate the eviction of Howard. After winning her first Power of Veto seconds later, she saved Jessie in lieu of nominating Judd, who was shortly evicted in a unanimous vote.

She nominated Elissa and Helen, and then nominated Spencer as a replacement after Elissa won the Power of Veto and took herself off the block. This forced Elissa to nominate Andy as a replacement, which led to Aaryn’s eviction on Day 70 by a 5—0 vote. Aaryn voted for GinaMarie to win Big Brother. Aaryn became the center of controversy after causing drama and making derogatory, bigoted comments about African-Americans, Asian-Americans and homosexuals.

Aaryn was caught referring to Andy as a queer and was caught also referring to Asians as “squinty eyed”. She also remarked that Helen a Korean American contestant should “go make some rice”. In a notable confrontation with Candice an African American contestant , Aaryn flipped over Candice’s bed and mocked her with a stereotypical ghetto accent when Candice expressed disapproval of the act.

Courtney Stodden Lets Big Brother See Her Titties

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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Big Brother YouTube Channel! Big Brother will follow a group of strangers living together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras.

July 14, at At least you got to shed that ridiculous frog suit. We asked the Plano, Texas, resident to reflect on his showmance with VIP concierge Jessica, his confrontation with Josh, and what it was like to dress up like a frog. What was it like wearing that get-up? It was this hot, itchy thing that ended up smelling and getting hard and crusty over the days. I just wanted it off of me. Why did you make that speech when you were being interviewed by Dominique? I had nothing to lose. I made sure Paul was in the audience because he was going to go to bed early that night.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 line-up: From Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby to OutKast’s Big Boi

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Celebrity Big Brother is back with a bang on Channel 5 with 14 housemates unveiled by host Emma Willis on the live launch show. A Premier League footballer, an American rap star and a mother-and-son were among the famous faces who entered the reality show for the New Stars v All Stars series.

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