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Here, the Crooked Man advances most hilariously. The apprehension of wrongdoers in straightforward cases is virtually one hundred percent. Those who commit common murder, burglary, theft, assault and the like, are easily detected and restrained. Generally speaking, potential criminals are discouraged sufficiently to ensure their social cooperation. This, and the unwarranted fear of the three-month mental reclamation course, have increasingly affected the downward trend on the per-capita crime scale. Take into account that offenders become model citizens after treatment, which eliminates the possibility of habituation, and it might seem that the dwindling of common malpractice places Co-Ord on the road to redundancy. The ‘common’ quite uncommon in recent times. But Co-Ord continues to expand.

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Brown David is a lifelong dissident and intellectual rebel. He despises political correctness, which replaces real, needy victims with narcissistic leftists out for a free meal. Though still a young man, he has watched society descend into its present morass with great sadness, combined with a determination to help make things better. He tweets when there’s something worth tweeting here.

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Departed Plymouth After having waited in this place ten days, the ship, and everything belonging to me, being all that time in perfect readyness to sail at a moments warning, we at last got a fair wind, and this day at 3 O’Clock in the even weigd anchor, and set sail, all in excellent health and spirits perfectly prepard in Mind at least to undergo with Chearfullness any fatigues or dangers that may occur in our intended Voyage. Wind still fair, but very light breezes; saw this Even a shoal of those fish which are particularly calld Porpoises by the seamen, probably the Delphinus Phocaena of Linnaeus, as their noses are very blunt.

Wind fair and a fine Breeze; found the ship to be but a heavy sailer, indeed we could not Expect her to be any other from her built, so are obligd to set down with this Inconvenience, as a nescessary consequence of her form; which is much more calculated for stowage, than for sailing. Little wind today; in some sea water, which was taken on board to season a cask, observed a very minute sea Insect, which Dr Solander describd by the name of Podura marina.

In the Evening very calm; with the small casting net took several specimens of Medusa Pelagica, whose different motions in swimming amus’d us very much: We took also another animal, quite different from any we had Ever seen; it was of an angular figure, about 3 inches long and one thick, with a hollow passing quite through it. On one end was a Brown spot, which might be the stomach of the animal. Four of these, the whole number that we took, adherd together when taken by their sides; so that at first we imagind them to be one animal, but upon being put into a glass of water they very soon separated and swam briskly about the water.


This results in an average driver losing about 4kgs of weight after just one race. The previous season’s champion is given number 1, and his team-mate is designated number 2. Within a short while after the race start, the water can start boiling.

Prologue “Try to touch the past. Try to deal with the past. It’s not real. It’s just a dream.” —Ted Bundy It didn’t start out here. Not with the scramblers or Rorschach, not with Big Ben or Theseus or the vampires. Most people would say it started with the Fireflies, but they’d be wrong.

And of course Reality Neigh Winner was into cupping. Every airy-fairy swpl drone fad ticked off on her atomized soul-search for meaning. Some more bio on Reality W ien ner: White House leaker “Reality Leigh Winner”: The modern post-patriarchy post-shame post-truth and post-beauty America corrupts single White women, totally and utterly, turning them from fresh-faced young feminine women into tatted and injected masculinized freak ogresses recklessly subverting every value and tradition that provided the foundation for the rise of America to a nation the envy of the world.

For proof, check these before and after shots of Reality Nay Winner: Before the influence of Femcunt Unreality: After the influence of Femcunt Unreality: A tragic fall from grace.

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Posted on October 9, by JLOPower Jeff Porter aka eltigre81 has sent us a recollection from his childhood and it is pretty much what this website is all about. The cold wind stung my cheeks as I made my way from the house out toward the barn. The sun was barely visible behind an icy curtain of haze, and snow crystals blew in sheets across the path ahead of me.

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Share 4k shares The decision is in response to customer feedback carried out by makers Nestle which found that there were too many toffees within the selection box. Toffee Deluxe was one of three toffee sweets – the round penny variety and chocolate covered finger remain. Another change to the Quality Street that consumers will notice this year is the removal of the paper menu for the sweets. Instead, the names and pictures of them appear on the sides of the octagonal tub.

Its barrel-shaped design with three horizontal ridges is meant to imitate the shape and pattern of a real bee The boxes are also 30g lighter in weight this year because the five honeycomb sweets are lighter compared to the heftier Toffee Deluxe ones but the number of sweets remains the same. The new honeycomb addition immediately stands out upon flipping the lid due to its distinctive golden wrapper.

Its barrel-shaped design with three horizontal ridges is meant to imitate the shape and pattern of a real bee. The new honeycomb addition immediately stands out upon flipping the lid due to its distinctive golden wrapper Within the solid chocolate coating is a truffle infused with crunchy honeycomb pieces. But because Toffee Deluxe is such an important part of the confectionaire’s history, Nestle will continue to sell the sweet as part of toffee specific Quality Street packs.

A spokesman from Nestle said: The toffee treat was created in as a sweet in its own right and was included in the first ever box of Quality Street when it was invented in ‘We have not introduced a new sweet since the Milk Chocolate Block in so we thought the time was right. It was created by chocolatiers John and Violet MacIntosh in by mixing hard toffee with runny caramel and it was the first sweet of its kind.

The idea was born in when John and Violet opened a confectionery shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and began experimenting with ingredients. Their operation was so successful that in they built the world’s first toffee factory.

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A global vintage snwomobile resource, bringing people interested in antique and vintage snowmobiles together from all over the planet. Collectors, sleds and the historical figures that made snowmobiling great. Vintage sled events listings, classifieds and much more.

South Africans at Stalag Luft 6 Date posted: I do not need specifics on personnel, but a clear indication of the fact and numbers involved will assist me a great deal. More detail will be welcome as well. I have compiled a nominal roll and have various bits of information from War Diaries etc. Cols Harvey, Bouwer, Brink, Armstrong , names, dates, photos etc.

Ashley Murgatroyd Date posted: His name was Ashley Murgatroyd. I’m not sure if he was in the South African army or perhaps from the UK.

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Overview[ edit ] Stark’s suits are each unique in design and purpose. They are made of incredibly-strong, fictional materials bolstered by a force field. Every suit has a self-contained environment, assorted onboard weapons systems, enhanced strength, flight , and various communications arrays and sensors such as radar and radio.

wanted young man single and free honeycomb. Urban X is a platform for millennials to share their ideas, expertise, and give in-depth analysis on the aspects that create the total urban experience.

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